Your Secure Life

Your Secure Life Reintroduction and Relaunch (2020)

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Your Secure Life is a podcast that helps entrepreneurs be safe and private online.

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Episode Transcription

Recently, a successful but not famous small business owner friend of mine logged in to her computer to get some work done, and everything was gone.

Her entire business lost everything in a cyber attack while she was sleeping.

All of her files. Everything was wiped completely clean. Even her backups.

She’s not someone you would expect to be a target. She designs houses. She wasn’t a thought leader nor an influencer of any type.

She doesn’t even have a really strong social media presence.

The reality is: malicious cyber attacks on small businesses are increasing very quickly.

My name’s Garrett, and I host the Your Secure Life podcast.

It’s a podcast that helps entrepreneurs stay secure and private online.

You don’t have to be a “thought leader” or an “influencer” to be targeted.

The podcast episodes are short and actionable so that you can immediately begin becoming a safer online business.

I break every concept down into simple actionable steps so that they’re easy to digest for non-tech savvy people.

And I make sure that my advice is not going to inconvenience your processes and workflows.

In fact, a lot of the advice will not only make you more secure, but improve your workflows.

I started this podcast for the simple reason that the stronger each of us are, the stronger all of us are.

Cyber security and privacy are a herd immunity type of situation.

Podcasts are free so there’s no reason not to check it out. Go to YourSecure.Life and start listening now.